The Wii Fit Challenge

Today I purchased the Wii Fit Plus solely with the intention of trying the Yoga portion. I don't have a problem doing Yoga in my own home...alone...but as I was going through the opening sequence it was determined that I was considered obese! At 6'1'', 193.6lbs and a BMI of 25.65 I wouldn't consider myself obese; however, there it was, right there on the screen! Oh, and it told me my body age was 38...I'm 32...

Not one to take criticism lightly I told the Wii Fit was I thought about it and then politely proceeded to enter the Wii Fit challenge. I have challenged myself to lose 10lbs in 2 months, which would put my BMI into the "Normal" range.

Since today was my first day I did try a little Yoga, ski jump, hula hoop, and some snowboarding (which I used to do for real when I was a young chap).

As they say, today is the first day of the rest of your life...and the first time I have loved and hated something at the exact time...Wii Fit, you're mine!!!

So what's this FLTG thing all about?

In the words of the founder...

$12.5M for a TV...Pocket Change!

Thanks to The Consumerist I came across this little gem as featured on and just couldn't pass it up...I'm curious if they offer lay-away...

Amazon TV Deal

***UPDATE*** Amazon finally realized their mistake after a few days and corrected, so the link no longer shows the price; however, you can enjoy the lovely screen shot.

It's ccccccold in here!

Due to the constant weather deviations we are currently experiencing in South Texas the building staff is apparently having a difficult time determining the proper temperature for our working environment. Thanks to the complaints of certain individuals, who shall remain nameless, many of the air vents were closed subsequently forcing the cold air solely into the vent above and around my desk…

…sorry for the delay, I had to wait for my fingers to thaw so I could continue typing. As a response to our complaints, my manager simply sent an email with the following link, nice!

Since I am obviously on my own on this one I have decided to make myself a poor-man’s mocha and wait for its warming goodness to thaw me from the inside out. If you were curious, here’s how you can make your own chocolaty-coffee goodness:

Poor Man’s Mocha
6-12 oz free office coffee
1 package hot chocolate mix
1 Tbsp powered creamer
3-6 oz hot water

Mix, drink, unthaw! ~ trying to save people from hypothermia and from spending $5 on a cup of coffee since 1956!