My New Haircut

(Parental Advisory-Explicit Language)

One word...Jagerbombs!!!

David Blaine Street Magic - Part 3

(Parental Advisory-Explicit Language)

The OFFICIAL third installment in the David Blaine Street Magic series. Blaine sets his sights on the same two effeminate idiots from the last two videos. And unfortunately for them, the third time's the charm.

David Blaine Street Magic - Part 2

(Parental Advisory-Explicit Language)

The original...David Blaine Street Magic Part Two! See David Blaine terrorize the same two idiots from the first video. Starring Mitch Silpa, Mikey Day, and Michael Naughton. Directed by David Morgasen.

David Blaine Street Magic - Part 1

(Parental Advisory-Explicit Language)

David Blaine brings his famous street magic to YouTube. Watch as the famous magician blows the minds of two Los Angeles idiots.

WARNING: This magic is amazing!

The Landlord

Will Ferrel gets served by his Landlord Pearl

Mad TV: Trapped in the Cupboard

MadTV's parody of R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet.