To Bing Or Not To Bing

I was in the process of cleaning out my "backup" email account, Hotmail (and by backup I mean the one that I use to register for websites and to buy stuff online so I don't get spam in my real account) and I noticed the little Bing search box at the top of the page. It made me wonder if all of Microsoft's commercials and product placement is really working because I still "Google" on a regular basis. And to be honest, I don't feel like "Just Bing it" really has the same flair that "Just Google it" does. Perhaps it's just the force of habit kicking in...or perhaps I just like the completely bland and non-intrusive feel of a Google results page. Either way, I don't know if I'll be "Binging" anything anytime soon, but if you do and you have some tips, let me know and perhaps I'll be "Binging" you!

Supreme Beings of Leisure - Mirror

I heard this on Area 54 a while back and I still cannot get it out of my head! It has a bit of a James Bond theme song feel, but classy through and through...I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Do you need to waste some time?

I recently stumbled across one of the better time-wasting websites on the Internet today; Per the website, Know Your Meme (originally spun off from Rocket Boom) is "Documenting Internet phenomena: viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs and more."

There are certainly some very clever videos and they even have their own shirts (surprise, surprise), but all-in-all, it's some good fun so take a peak (if you have a few hours to spare).

Don't have time to catch up on all of the past hype, you can always follow them Twitter @knowyourmeme to see the latest and greatest!

Just think, you will never have to say "I don't have anything to do" again!

How do you get more Twitter followers?

Perhaps, it helps who you know...perhaps not...

Featuring Ben Stiller (@redhourBen) and Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest).

Facebook Status #Fail

Why you should always double check your Friend List before posting potentially slanderous comments...