Where's tech support when you need them?

I sat down to write "My new life with an iMac: Part 2" and started realizing that it was going to take a while to explain how I fixed the issues that I encountered by trying to bring a Mac into a Windows household. Fortunately, it wasn't that difficult, but it was a bit time consuming. This got me thinking about all of the other research I have had to do throughout the years in order to solve my computing problems and I realized that I couldn't remember where I found many of my answers. Therefore, I thought about compiling a list of as many issues as I could remember and where I found solutions. From this process I created the section "Help Me Please!"

This is my simple attempt at offering a place to find some solutions to the problems that have plagued me so it is in no way complete or do I expect that these are the absolute best solutions. Honestly, I just wanted to a place to keep track of where I found these answers and programs. So feel free to take a look and hopefully they can provide some insight into some of the issues that are plaguing you too!

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