Just Another Day at the Office

I was recently privy to an email thread that I had to share (names have been changed to protect the innocent):

Fred emails group mailing list (slightly paraphrased): I have a request from each of you right now and am very busy, but I will get to you as soon as I can.

Chuck's reply to Fred: I beg to differ; I don’t think I’ve sent you anything today! However, now that I have your attention I do have a question…

Scott's reply to Chuck: Your such a douche.

Chuck's reply to Scott: You seriously need to work on your understanding of proper English grammar. “Your such a douche,” is incorrect grammar and would only be correct by using the format “Your friend Scott is such a douche.” The correct grammar would actually be, “You’re such a douche” as in, “You are such a douche.”

Perhaps the book “A douche bag’s guide to the English Language” would help as sold here at Amazon.com ~ http://tinyurl.com/le4knh

Scott's reply to Chuck: Alright, how about you're an asshole.

Jeff's reply to Chuck: In correct English grammar, shouldn’t the title of a book be underlined, and not enclosed in quotes?

Chuck's reply to Jeff: It was written by a douche bag; what do you expect?

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