Why reality tv will never die!

On our way home last night from the in-laws we approached a shiny new Audi convertible with the top down in the right hand lane with its hazards on. A gentleman holding several pieces of luggage was standing on the sidewalk nearby looking a bit stunned and rubbing his head. Of course this looked a little peculiar so I slowed to make sure nothing or no one was going to run out in front of me, but as I drew closer to the Audi it began to drive away slowly. Assuming everything was okay, but still a little confused by the man on the sidewalk, I sped up to pass the Audi since the hazard signal ceased. Upon passing, Mel glanced over to see who was driving and said it was a young lady who appeared to be crying. After I passed, the young lady got in the lane behind us and put on her left blinker to attempt a u-turn. We drove off in disbelief and honestly giggling to ourselves in regards to the drama we had just witnessed. As we discussed the situation the rest of the way home we couldn't help but wonder what the story was between the two. Since it was Sunday night; was this the bad end of a good weekend or a bad start to a lifelong roller coaster ride...we most certainly will never know. As I thought about the scene throughout the night it made me begin to finally understand the guilty pleasure we all seek from seeing others in less than ideal circumstances. Whether you admit it or not, had you passed those two you likely would have thought the same things we did; ‘What drama! I would never act that way!’ when the simple fact of the matter is that at some point or another if it hasn’t already happened you will either be the driver debating on whether or not you should turn around or you’ll be the one standing on the sidewalk, luggage in hand, wondering what went wrong…until then cable TV will happily fill the void…

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