MidnightSpark and MySpace call it quits!

I've been debating the usefulness of MySpace for quite sometime now and after a recent Tweet I've found that many others are feeling the same way. Therefore, I officially pulled the plug on Saturday, March 21 at 10:59pmCDT. I feel that we made a clean break, but I left MySpace with these thoughts (as they always ask why you're leaving) "I think you've tried to hard to be everything to everyone and now there's just too much going on. It's like you're the Walmart of social networking...yes you offer a little bit of everything, but you are a pain the a** to navigate. Also, thanks to Ad block plus addon for Firefox you were slightly more tolerable for a while as I didn't have to see all of the banner ads. For now, Twitter and Facebook own it...clean and simple interfaces...you just can't beat 'em. I'm certainly interested to see what you are going to cook up next as I have no doubt you're working on something, but I'm just not diggin' it right now. Good luck with your future endeavors and if they create enough buzz I'm sure I'll be back." I mean really, what else could I say besides "YOU SUCK!" but I'm certain they get that all the time so I thought I would try be a bit more eloquent. Who knows, maybe I'll rejoin next week under the new username, jagerbomb56.

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