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I would consider myself a temporary expert...meaning that at the moment(s) in which I am trying to solve a problem I learn as much as possible about the issue in order to solve it only to forget days later how I fixed it originally. Therefore I have decided to create a link list to the places where I have found solutions or programs to fix many of the issues that have plagued my computer life. Obviously I can't remember them all (which is why I created this list) so I will simply start with today's issue and add news ones as I find them and old ones as I remember them. Honestly, this is more for me so I can track down my previous fixes should issues arise again, but I thought I would share the wealth. Also, I typically try to find free solutions/programs (cause I'm cheap like that), but sometimes you have to put up the cash so any items that you have to pay for a followed by "$$$". Good luck!

Firefox - Mozilla's Internet Browser - These are some of my favorite and most used Add-ons
Thunderbird - Mozilla's Email Client


Multiple OS Programs/Solutions
  • Control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse using Synergy - LifeHacker
  • Download YouTube and other video clips to your computer - DLYTV
  • Create screencasts for Twitter - Screenr
  • Free photo editing program for those who don't want to buy Adobe Photoshop - GIMP
  • Windows Office-like products without those pesky dollar signs attached -
  • Monitor your Facebook and Twitter friends and make updates without constantly logging in - Seesmic
  • Forget to turn off your Caps Lock key? Don't retype, just convert it - Convert Case
  • Find video and audio editing/converting software for any OS -
  • Free Website Monitoring - Montastic
  • Free Website Monitoring - Basic State
  • VirtualBox - a general-purpose full virtualizer for x86 hardware

Mac OS X Leopard

Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Productivity
    • Create a PDF file without Adobe Acrobat - CNET -
    • Convert image, music, and video file types - Format Factory
    • Free photo editing program for those who don't want to buy Adobe Photoshop (Windows only) - Paint.NET

Windows 7
  • Connecting to your NAS - Windows 7 Forums
  • Place fully functional Recycle Bin on your task bar - TechSpot
  • Prefer the original Windows task bar rather than the "Superbar," switch back! - TechSpot
  • Multiple Desktops (similar to Mac & Linux) - Dexpot

Linux - General

Ubuntu Desktop

Mythbuntu Media Center

CentOS Server
  • Configuring CentOS server -
  • The Nano Text Editor Introduction -
  • Secure FTP -
  • Check CPU utilization - nixCraft (For CentOS you need to use the yum command to install sysstat rather than apt-get)
  • 20 Linux System Monitoring Tools - nixCraft
  • Install & configure Cacti network monitoring tool - nixCraft



Network Attached Storage (NAS) - DNS-321

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